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you’re the singer i’m the song

it’s official i have no idea how to pose anymore. not that i ever really did. some days you got it while others you look like a total fucking dupe. also, this dress doesn’t photograph well at all or i don’t know how to pose in it or it is actually not a flattering dress, i like it all the same though. good for beach. the material is very soft and cuddly, pockets too! oh man i guess menses is in the house how fruity can i get here?

sir crab a lot.


oh nohan!

15 thoughts on “you’re the singer i’m the song

  1. I know what you are saying. I feel like a total knob in every single picture taken of me lately. I’m kind of a big faker I think.

    You still look pretty, even if you’re feeling awkward.

  2. anyone ever told you that you look just like Selma Blair?????? especially in Hellboy…………..

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