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a stroll with rizabeff

this is the shirt steph wore for her kevin bacon footloose halloween costume. fits like a dream. i was able to rid this other sweatshirt i had that fit way too baggy on me.

having fun much?

when fil is stressed out or i say something that annoys him he puts his hand on his face like that then i know to shut it for a minute. but sometimes i don’t.

don’t look in there if you are on your menses you will kill yourself.

brad will be here around 8 or so and he gets the bed cos he’s been traveling cross the nayshe on the gibson bus. we’ll be taking the pull-out.

my garbage. i had to buy more shampoos and conditioners, mini bottles. i wanted ONE little bar of soap cos we forgot ours and the hotel stuff is too slick. vancouver water is harder than toronto’s i feel like i’m not getting clean, nothing’s absorbing. fight me on this all you want fil said so the end stamped it.

fil’s organized life. ernie and bert much?

ready to hit the streets.

not with these cats though they have a special delivery to make.

no matter my babysitter just arrived. she just got the same boots as me too, diff shade though. phewf.

we’re walkin’ right and i’m like so what should i take a picture of it all kinda looks the same every corner so i closed my eyes and blasted off some shots.

finally something happens. good one mitzie.

feelin’ a little douchey whatever it’s yaletown, that’s like the law right?

this place did elizabeth’s wedding bouqet.


then i read some books with russell crowe (gladiator/colosseum joke whtvs)

ok keira will be here soon (she blogged some of the shitty goodness of last nite) we’re gonna hit the pool at some point and the hot tub then elizabeth will show too, we have to stuff some gift bags for the gibson party, actually excited for that activity i like putting together pretty things. i want some good sushi, no more shitty bar food i don’t want to be a bloaty blimp for the rest of this trip.

oh and the booze here is not cheap no wonder y’all smoke weed. when fil finds out how much a small bottle of reisling plus mickey of vodka was he is going to have an aneurysm.

aw thanks for blowing my ego vancouverista <3

23 thoughts on “a stroll with rizabeff

  1. welcome to vancouver, raymi! the drinks here may be expensiver, but the sushi is cheaper. i think.

  2. Make sure you ladies put on a show for the people that will be pervin, you know they will.

  3. always a good band at………. oh fak, i forget the name…it’s inthe ground somewhere…. arg.. granville and………? get back to ya

  4. I used to read lizabeths blog allllll the time, i read lots of toronto blogs now but she was the only one who smoked and accepted and EMBRACED it and let the creative juices flow. sigh.

  5. Can I never be in the right place at the right time? Sigh. Have fun in Vancouver and I will live vicariously through you sushi experiences.

    IMO the best sushi is on Davie and Seymour –Yamato. Go if you have time and bask in the raw delight.

  6. my ernie and bertism is in reference to – ernie makes the messes and bert cleans them up. ernie is the big mouth annoying cute fat one and bert is the responsible martyr? obvs an exaggeration because there is no way that i could ever be annoying.

  7. thank you becca that is a very nice thing to say I still smoke and embrace and flow, I just keep it all in my head like baby jesus tells me to.

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