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she’ll make you sweat in the water

so it was benign and i had it lazered then injected for 105 dollars, it’s considered cosmetic cos it’s not life-threatening therefore not covered. right now it’s dark purple and blue, bruised, fugly as sin. in a month i go back for another blast, that will cost 60 bones and then a month after that another one. this makes me really look forward to botox. i can’t wait to just sit on my ass all day tomorrow and then maybe do wii fit i haven’t done that in forever i’ve been too much of a weakling i can’t wait to be judged by the japanese computer. now we get to watch lost with the rest of the world so all that i was saying about getting my life back is on hold for one more nite at least and then it’s back to renting all the shitty movies we’ve been missing out on. i feel like winter has blown by a little bit, at times it’s like holy fuck hurry up man while at others i’m like hey almost there not so bad, must be cos i’m older. holy the go train ride out of burlington is a whole other ball game than out of oakville, judging.cap.on fuck yeah i had some decent entertainment yes i did. my brother and i had a nice heart attack platter at the pub my dad’s band is playing at next friday (you must come oot to that i’ll tell you more about it later) and we enjoyed making up stories for all the cottonheads holding down the fort, our waitress tried to upsell us the bigger platter too luckily we relented but gee whiz what a piece of work she was chill maybe does it look like i want to eat an extra 40 deep fried things? alright lost lost lost xoxo speedbags.


the following picture is not pretty:


i think she went a little lazer happy, i do not recall the cyst being that shape before.

8 thoughts on “she’ll make you sweat in the water

  1. You, a Beatles freak? Stones? Dick Cavett? Ed Sullivan?
    erm, some of these people were dead before you were born.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
    Not quite necrophilia but close.

    Whilst upon my high horse – lots of deep fried food = cysts.
    just sayin’.

  2. omg fatrobot!!

    craig i eat food like this once a year this cyst has nothing to do with it don’t be retarded and annoying, just sayin’. also if you think that youths “discovering” music from before their time is a new concept you are seriously out of touch. is this your first time ever coming to my blog you sound new.

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