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oh have you seen my ghost

ugh day 2 is even worse this sucks i’m in bed with a sweat mustache it feels like the heat is on a million degrees screw this comforter ok now i’m on the couch much better hi. shit i feel high.

cid was pretty cool with playing prisoner, cats are #@%^* weird man.

ok here’s a quick and easy healthy lunch salad. that’s turkey bacon and it’s only a gram worth of fat per slice versus the typical 18g per depending on the brand you go with, i’ve seen 27g of fat per 2 slices, so bad. anyway, these are lilydale and very tasty and you still get that bloated sodium i just ate bacon satisfaction feeling in your belly afterward so you don’t feel like you missed out.

spinach, tomato, half jerk sauce dollop, half japanese ginger dressing dollop mix ‘em around and voila.

you will probably want to make more turkey bacon cos it’s that good. we also bought a package of maple smoked ham in the exact same shape/form as these, also extremely delicious AND even less fattening.

and feed the prisoner.

so fil and i were hugging with our pants off and cid was chillin’ on the end of the bed still wearing this and i guess he did not dig the noises we were making so he shot over real quick with a warning meow to let me know and was mere inches away from my face. can you imagine being mauled like that? i only laughed at him cos he was still wearing my shirt like a cape he darted over so fast it came with him hahaha.

anyway he almost spoiled the moment, the little saboteur.

what the hell is this post an homage to cid? jeez. he is rewarded and showered with attention over inane things like having one paw placed slightly in front of the other.

this is an oldie.

how awesome i looked yesterday ugh. the first day of being sick i always attempt to not look it, in-denial flu something or other but then i sweat through my makeup and my hair well, you’ve all been sick before you get it.

ring back much better fit that little asian lady was right.

had to reschedule tattoo touch-up for next week. it really isn’t as faint looking as it appears in pictures sometimes, i think that’s from my blond baby hairs growing back.

i have nothing left to say.

23 thoughts on “oh have you seen my ghost

  1. Your story reminded me of a cat I had once.Cats think they own you not the other way around.Anyways I had a girl over one day and we were hugging w.n.p.o. in the bedroom with the door closed and later when we opened the door it attacked her and bit her good,out of jealousy. He eventually had to be put down.

  2. it’s taken a long time but cid finally gets that attacking me is not ok, he at least grants warning messages. poor wild cat though.

  3. i like ur background polaroid pics, they’s cute. i raise ur sick 2 wiston teeth exrtractions and a bottle of percacet. i would share, but i had to throw a temper tantrum to get them this time. bastards! who do they think they’re fooling with their tylenol 3 bullshit! this bitch is a percacet only zone.
    ps i wish i could eat that deilsh looksing bacons. i am on broth and baby foods and mashy potatoes my cute roomie is gonna make for me tonight.

  4. i had to cry just to get T2s when my wisdom teeth were coming in. tonite it’s chicken homemade chicken soup and noodles sick sucks ugh.

  5. i had to move on to mushroom cuz the chichen broth makde me nautions (i am Really sotned so spelling not working now)

  6. I took one look at that bacon and was like whoa. I just have to admit it, I am not a vegetarian, I am an occasional meat eater.

    My bf is still the biggest veggie cheater. He won’t admit that he eats moose.

    I am liberated!!

  7. oh god. that story!
    all i can picture is cid wearing a cape attacking some pair of people having sexy time.
    did you already post the engagement story and i missed it?

  8. my friend steph bought it last season from le chateau and gave it to me this year cos she found an even better one.

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