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polish cabbie meets broszkowski

polish cabbie from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

Matthew: did i tell you what guy was telling me in the cab in polish?

me: no what was he saying
i have some video of it

Matthew: hahahaha he was trying to give me picking up tips to get with you and sass hahahaha


Matthew: he was like you have to romance the ladies in the back if you want to get anywhere with them
you should go buy them flowers

me: yeah you SHOULD buy me flowers

Matthew: remember the man always has to pay

me: he was awesome
i liked his jogging suit outfit

Matthew: he was old time polish jerk off. people like him are the basis of 90% of me and my brother’s jokes to each other

me: i have 1.20 of video watching now
i could tell he was being pervy

Matthew: no, he wasn’t being pervy really
it was just like this mentality of polaks that younger people need advice from their elders

me: how savvy of him to assume that the other tall guy in the backseat (phil) would obvs not be one of our boyfriends

Matthew: i think he didn’t notice phil

me: HAHAHHAHA how can you not notice 6 feet and 4 inches

Matthew: well he was saying you’ve got all girls in the back with you at one point

me: omg now hes talking about sex mission

Matthew: he was probably blinded by your beauty

me: probably
he was looking at me in the mirror too
was he drunk

Matthew: maybe he couldn’t see phil in the rear view
naw, he wasn’t drunk

me: um fil was kitty corner to his right shoulder, impossible to miss
what else did he say

Matthew: he was saying that i have to be a gentleman
just shit like that
as soon as i started talking polish with him he just gets into it
oh he was saying i should teach you guys polish

me: yeah he also talks about the second world war
what possible use could i have for speaking polish

Matthew: i said i was teaching you how to swear and he disapproved

me: aw
fil said shmata before i could
he stole my thunder
as usual

Matthew: haha
then we started talking about polish tv and movies

me: yeah way to alienate us you pricks

Matthew: and he mentioned that movie sex mission hahaha
i’m totally gonna fiind it

me: im uploading the video to vimeo now
i knew he was polish before anyone else did
i saw you testing him

Matthew: i actually heard about it before, it’s supposedly hilarious


Matthew: yeah i had a suspicion too, i thought polish or czech

i knew right away i have a sixth sense for polaks
that is the only 6th sense i have
so useless

Matthew: it’s probably just the smell of cabbage hahaha
i’m searching torrents now to see if i can find it

me: is it a terrible movie but good terrible

Matthew: no it’s supposedly good, like not funny because it’s so bad but really funny
my mom’s friend came with her daughter from poland a few years ago and she was telling me about it too she’s like i know it sounds retarded but it’s actually really good

me: i found a picture of a hot polish chick

Matthew: she said it was one of the funniest movies she’s ever seen and she’s totally cool so i trust her word
fuck i can’t find a torrent

me: are you going to tell your brother about the cabbie

Matthew: fuck yeah

me: let me know how he reacts

Matthew: hmmm i’m wondering if i should shell out the money for it
check out the reviews

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