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hey man watch the leather

lets begin with some nerd vanity poses.

almost done.

birthday roast.

some like it red.

let me take care of this.


wishing for?

birthday week has officially begun and oh what a week it is.

before all that i spent my hangover takin’ care of some biz.

an aft of “work”

and much needed sustenance.

you’re welcome nerds i have finally taken the twitter plunge but don’t get too excited i’m not “twittering” (STUPID WORD) as raymi personally, just as nxne so chill and apologies for getting your hopes up.

have a nice sunday.

15 thoughts on “hey man watch the leather

  1. nxnefest followed my placeholder Twitter account w/ no posts that I forgot I even had. Thanks for reminding me. Haha. E-mail search, I suppose. Followed back just now with my real one, as if I’m ever in Ontario these days, anyway. Meh!

  2. i have twitter. i’m not sure i fully understand the point of it since most of the people on my twitter list also have the same updates on their facebooks. but hey. … .. mine has a pandacorn on it.

  3. Oh Secret Santa …. i saw a new follower on twitter under NXNE!

    Send my birthday wishes out to Phil!

    Happy sunday

    Have I told you how I adore that tattoo on you! (shit … i’m reading that back to myself and it sounds completely gay-diculous …. meh… you get the idea!)

  4. i have never ventured to the twitter site to see what it’s all about. will it take over the internerd world of social networking one day?

  5. i am flattered that you think you need to know every single thing i do and thought i have 24/7 but is this blog not updated enough already?

  6. I think I recognize that cheesecake. please check the label, was it made by Culinary Arts? I used to be their taster–wonderful job.


  7. Don’t get started with Twitter. My friends and I were all at a friggin’ OPEN BAR last night, too busy checking the messages on our damned “smartphones” that we never use to actually call anybody in order to become properly toasty before we had to start paying… And drunk tweets are so much worse than regular drunk texts. In my case, there are 431 people reading those things…

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