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i won because of you

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When you were showing us all your Harajuku Lovers fragrances I decided to send away for one of the free samples and I ended up wining one the $250 gift cards from Shoppers Drug Mart! You just saved me allot of Christmas shopping money, oh and I’ll probably buy myself tons of new makeup too.



this is a time when you say yes i am totes happy for you then stomp off loudly and bitterly.

and now i will share with you an extremely flattering picture of sickraymi last nite w/ leftover shitty makeup

this is hilarious to me right now cos i look so pale when really my face is getting darker cos i’ve been using jergens natural glow daily moisturizer. there’s like 50 bottles at shoppers on the clearance rack reduced to 2.99 from 7.99 well there was when i drunk bought one monday nite. the clearance rack is my weakness. i also bought children’s cough drops what?

fil is really into his pj’s the first thing he said to me this morning was that we needed them in christmas plaid next and then i pulled a muscle in my neck from my hair being caught between all the pillows what the hell. i am falling apart here people.

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