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raymi tenenbomb

gee i dunno guys, aside from looking and feeling like death right now not to mention looking fuck all like gwyneth paltrow, not sure about this get-up. well i at least could wear my coat all nite long. FUN.

if i go this route the wig would need some altering for sure though i don’t think i want to cut it, it’s also way too light.

on the plus side i’m sweating my balls off right now feeling feverish and i look like i just blasted myself with a makeup shotgun, yes, more so than usual.

buhruuuuuuuuutal. that’s a gum cigarette.

i believe pre-menstrual’s in the house therefore tube dress skinny courage meter is dippin’ pretty low.

also i’ve been experiencing body numbness off and on since saturday morning, it’s been bumming me out. i didn’t want to mention it cos like gee it’s always something right and plus my mom emails me straight away with mental health garbage and it stresses my dad out, i’ve had scans before, saw a neurologist and nothing was found to be wrong with me. i haven’t had this for awhile can’t exactly remember the last time, it just really blows when you can’t feel your hands feet body, the temperature of water (dangerous) or hair texture (impossible to braid my hair god it’s pathetic) and going out to darkly lit bars is also very frustrating and embarrassing when you can’t feel where your body ends and somebody else’s begins so you constantly bump, tap, whatever into people and look plastered when you’re not. i was extremely nervous going down the stairs to the bathroom, i had to do this cheesy side step shuffle every time. when we went to wendy’s on saturday even just walking on normal ground i had to stamp and stomp through the restaurant i felt so dumb, i looked like i was walking on the moon patting the air ahead of me to feel where the ground is. anyway don’t write me pity comments and dad don’t flip out! i’m sure it will gradually go away soon i just need to move around a lot more and get my circulation going. do you think zoloft caused this? it came on immediately after i tried on my pajama onesie (no you won’t catch it cos fil is right as rain after wearing his a ton) so maybe it’s an allergy. SIGHHHHHHHHH.

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