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Hello Raymi!

Dawn again, Just thought that a bunch of girls here in Philadelphia ( the Raymi Fans) are getting/got this necklace made for each of us.

After all, What Would Raymi Do?

We are going to take pics of about the city in certain situations.. and we are gonna call it our : WWRD? episodes.. ha!

Take care,

You’re still amazing and tops! Love the Pajamas!



You’re just a very cool chick. And I love your attitude about life. I mean after all, in certain situations my girlfriends and I have actually said to ourselves: What would Raymi do in this situation? And now we decided to make necklaces showing our love.. Gonna have to make one for you and send it your way.

We love you!

If you ever make it out here to Philly, we gonna take you out and get you trashed!


There are 4 of us.

Me, Iman, Syra ( Sigh Ra ) and Isobel.

Funny how I found your blog.. Big fan of Matt Good’s. Saw a pic of you and him together and thought.. damn she is gorgeous. So I googled you and found the blog.. started to read it. Laughed so hard I pee’d myself. I know embarassing. Then some tragic shit happened, my Mother died. But while I was taking care of her she and I would read your blog. She found you hilarious and beautiful, I would like extend that compliment to you.. and she had a mad crush on your boyfriend and Matt. When I got home a bunch of my friends and I got together and I read your blog to them. Ever since then we have been hooked on our night out and blog reading. Most of the time its Isobel with her laptop sitting at the bar reading it and drinking wine. The rest of us laughing and admiring.

And yes we love you more then Jesus.. Not that he wasnt a cool guy, anyone who perfers wine over water is alright in my book, but your real and thats important.

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