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boy cancer am i

Michael: Hey there
Like your idea about blogging this and yes please change my name. Use my middle name if you could please

me: can you change your chat handle to that for future
so i dont have to retype
actually no biggie

Michael: or just use Michael, no matter really

me: oh yeah michael is fine
ill just leave out your last name

Michael: i cant believe my new fav pic of you is not topless lol. second pic in crabby goes for a walk post

me: oh thanks
it’s nice to know that pervs don’t lose their perv when they are going to kick it

Michael: once a perv always…. Hey I ran strip clubs most my life

me: really?
how sleazily hilarious

Michael: oh yeah, I was manager of Deja Vu in Colorado springs for years
it was pretty sleazy, but fun

me: what were the girls like
in rural bars aren’t they a little more uh, seasoned?

Michael: anywhere from drop dead beautiful, to uggh
Colorado springs is a decent sized city so we got them all

me: ah k

Michael: I am going to CO tomorrow for an annual halloween party hosted by a stripper

me: yeah you told me
must be the memory loss ;)
im re-reading our first chat now

Michael: yup, i do have memory loss so bear with me

me: its ok i do too but its the booze’s fault

Michael: lol
ill say it once, cause im not a nazi, but u should quit smoking. ok enough on that, i hate smoking nazis

me: dude i DID quit smoking
last winter
cigarettes disgust me
im one of those arrogant annoying non smokers now

Michael: cool i think i remember now

me: nice
im trying to think of a title for this blog post of our chat

Michael: well good job, i still smoke. whats it gonna do now?

me: in it i mention yer middle name is *****
on top of talking to you as michael
should i omit that

Michael: do whatever is easy

me: ok i wont mention yer middle name

Michael: groovy

me: so did you tell your family yet

Michael: well they know i am sick, but they dont know the extent yet
i want to do some things first and dont want family all freaked out

me: good
can i use your picture on my blog
did you see reality bites? the scene when the gay guy and his friend act out a vignette of what its going to be like to tell his parents hes gay
you should watch it

Michael: i saw it years ago, ill have to watch it again. Sure use any pic u want

me: ok im trying to get u more lady friends
steve zahn is hilarious
which family members do u have to tell, siblings too?

Michael: 2 brothers and my mom

me: who is going to take it the hardest
there was an older pic of you in black and white
why cant i find it
wearing glasses?

Michael: Mom, she just lost her sister and a dear friend and I am her fav son lol
oh it should be in my facebook profile pics

me: email me it cant find it

Michael: sent

me: got it thanks

Michael: i am really interested where this is all gonna go

me: me too
im sure its going to be a sensitive spot for many

Michael: yeah but i have humor about it all so dont worry about anything

me: yeah you’re alright you know?
i added this to the bottom of the post, and u already got a comment
you should interact with people in the comments
brb laundry

Michael: k
gotta get out of bed and shower, but we will chat more later. I liked the post by the way. ttyl

me: thanks
9 people lurking in my comments
probably writing novels

Michael: cool, we are gonna be a hit lol

me: totally
i bet someone will call me an asshole

Michael: tell them i said fuck you if they do

me: you can do that for me cos they cant fight you back muahaha

Michael: lol. i will. see ya soon

if you missed it here is the previous chat to this one with michael.

2 thoughts on “boy cancer am i

  1. ok, sorry for asking again but what happened with Michael? is there any way we can get a hold of him? does he blog? thanks, by the way..i heard your voice today for the first time, my comp’s sound card is broken..and it is the cutest ever. xo

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