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oh just lying in bed recounting all the embarrassing things i said last nite

went to strangelove for fritzhelder & the phanoms‘ lagerfeld lady video release party last nite with ainsley, first i will tief fil‘s pix and then i will make coffee and then i will go through my own pictures and somehow black out every stupid desperate thing that came out of my mouth last nite. this girl is charming you know that?

oh god get a load of my awkward arm what a wimp. that’s boytech voguing with us.

oh man sarah in the event that you actually look at this thing i am loads less lame for real but in my defense you initiated conversation with me first so there’s that.

look sass it’s your friend and after this was taken he fell backward into the red rope and tried to take us all with him. fun guy!

oh i’d just like to leave you with a nice song before i go for now.

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