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the last cottage weekend

sniff. how do you multiply a thousand sighs by a million? i feel so fat, i gained three pounds and i don’t want to talk about it! maybe it was the fifty meals and snacks and pop you think? we were constantly eating. ok whatever here we go, these are more people-oriented shots this time cos it was cold and we were too busy playing games and drinking AND EATING to bother looking at leaves. it was supposed to rain the entire weekend and it mostly did though we were granted some dry parts throughout, again not that it mattered cos i barely went outside. ON WITH IT! oh here‘s the set, so far, installments people, installments.

mini stop for booze and snacks and oh look a supermarket bratz doll rip-off, how nice. we saw some desperate to be hipster kids milling about this community center, burn. one was dressed like ducky, complete with leopard print tie over t-shirt and kooky hat, he eyed us like crazy. aw.

who did we bring with us this time?

brosz7kowski! the stress was just melting off his shoulders standing on the dock. i have a suspicion the beer helped a little bit too.

hai thare oh hai thare.

dave was quite the foodie host this weekend oh man my scale thanks you pal.

he slaved all nite on these puff pastries. what a dick.

LOTR monopoly what a treat. a nice verbally abusive and psychotically, competitive treat.

i find if i hold my face just so and snap it from this angle i can look like my 22 year old former skinny younger self.

the sun came out for magic hour.

playing asshole.

oh look there’s one now. ps. that hat i bought from le chateau 2 winters ago i spied it at h&m last week, great.

the asshole wears a stupid hat.

i don’t need to be an asshole to wear this hat.

i have discovered land.

so there’s more to life than being really really really extremely ridiculously good looking? and what is that?

new asshole head gear.

jambi the genie!

Meka Leka Hi Meka Hiney Ho!

raymi diet no-no: hanging with stoners.

i taught dave how to season the steaks and to dress the asparagus. don’t forget dave!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh god.

evil delicious supermarket garlic bread. they really do get it right.

it only dawned on me that i would be stuck with three fancy camera geeks once we got there, guess how fun sitting in on those conversations is?

this fun.

my favourite lure of the deck.

dave brought out the fancy wine glasses circa 1980 then we all put on some shoulder pads, teased our hair and bedazzled our names onto t-shirts.


total asshole.

dave how much for this stupid cup?

double asshole with cheese oh fuck i JUST remembered we had wendy’s on our way up FUCK.

ok round two comin’ soon.

aw dave is so bummed he took the day off work to reminisce over all my jokes.

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