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second installment chat with michael, our brave weirdo.

Michael: still alive

me: oh great
how you feeling

Michael: pretty good today, building my strength up for friday, i fly to ******

me: what for

Michael: say goodbye to old friends and a killer halloween party
im going as a Jedi

me: oh man
i was thinking, what if you and i had regular gmail chats and made a book out of it

Michael: kinda like thursdays with maury?

me: dude knows he is going to kick it and girl who isnt have daily or weekly mini chats about whats going on
tuesdays with morrie
we wont be that profound tho haha

Michael: monday with Michael lol


Michael: that sounds pretty cool though

me: yeah
i dunno what id need for permission tho
i guess u just gave it
i can change yer name if you want

Michael: i dont care, ill be dead

me: !
well your family might

Michael: lets set up a day and time for each week and we will do it. my family would be cool about it
i always wanted to be a writer so this in a way would at least put me in print

me: well im always on gchat so basically whenever you see me on you chat me up
if you have something to say or are in the mood
like today i feel great or not great

Michael: i see where you’re going, cool

me: how does a jedi dress


me: awesome
you have the hair for it

Michael: i have put together that exact costume over the last year from ebay

me: smart

Michael: some people would disagree, people who want me to do chemo
im not doing it
im just gonna live out what i have left and have no regrets
not be sick all the time

me: would chemo give you a chance

Michael: it would give me more time. but the time i would get wouldnt be worth the constant pain and sickness, its all about quality

me: you are so brave
i would get a bunch of a credit cards and buy ridiculous things
stalk celebrities

Michael: not brave, scared shitless really, and i have thought about the credit thing lol
i would only stalk angelina jolie

me: aw what happened to your morbid curiosity
how old are you again

Michael: oh its still there, but thats afterlife
im 38

me: well think of this year as the best year of your life
people waste their years
you know
you get to cram in a ton of awesome shit

Michael: and imagine all the pity sex! lol


Michael: the party is held by a stripper friend of mine and it will be attended by many strippers. every year it ends up a naked free for all

me: jesus can i come
i think you can count on getting laid
not by me, at that party

Michael: come on, ur more than welcome

me: ha

Michael: last year a woman had a fantasy about having sex with a guys amputated arm, the stump, and she did!! crazy shit at this party

me: !!
i have to go bathe now
chat you later

Michael: k

*this chat occurred before i posted yesterday’s conversation so we have already discussed some of the questions you’ve asked in the comments. i think the hard thing about talking with michael is my own fears about death, i come off a bit stand-offish cos i haven’t figured out how to say like OMG i would be so shitting myself right now and other wimpy shit. you can’t really pose hypothetical self-centered scenarios to someone who may or may not be shitting themselves, themself.

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