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foxley fucked me

k not really but that’s where we went wednesday nite to meet our good friend will and brought along skidfanie.

i made one babysitter hair quip, it gained some momentum and resulted in several hair styles over the course of dinner. but really, when you know you’re going out and your friend is going to take a shit ton of photos of you why do our hairs decide to go slack and frazzly?

champangover was the theme of yesterday. do i spell it champagngover? no too many g’s, this is how tough my life is people.

HAHA. growing out bangs is akin to wearing painful shoes, the awkward can be seen all over the face. it’s like having C game for a month.

we were foxley virgins, though will had been taken there the nite previous and liked it. sheena you are gettin’ steamed right now i know it.

a closer look.

lamb something dumplings.

v rare lamb. the entire menu at foxley is a bit insane.

crispy jalapeno shrimps, the favourite.

frogs legs, three of them, from a special radioactive frog. i had pointed out the cornish hen on the menu, will was like bah not into gamey things, then the waitress described the taste of frog as being gamey. hahaha.

frogs have bones, so weird.

just like chicken, yes, shitty shitty chicken.

finally we get our table, what’s with the goldie hawn pose?

for leslie‘s extensive fan porn collection.

guys we drank champagne on wednesday don’t forget! decided to just get the bottle.

another fave, short ribs.

spicy green curry mussels (duh) great sauce, the mussels were a bit meh. i tugged one out that was just way too slimy.

quail, what cheney shot his bro in the face hunting for. nice and smokey, albeit gamey. game gamey gamey game too much of that word in this post.

the salad beneath it is delicious. fil hates cilantro though.

steamed bass, will said it was better the first time he tried it. i liked it just fine.

foxley doesn’t take reservations so it’s quite a scene to watch tons of people show up to be disappointed. one cute older couple we were really hoping would score a table, they went to the bar, then our buddy jeff shows up and says he is meeting his parents for dinner, they were that older couple, and they got a table. triumphant!

the view from will’s condo is magnificent to say the least. you can see buffalo across the water. i couldn’t get one non-blurry picture, when my camera comes into contact with red lighting (thanks foxley’s bar) it is fucked for the rest of the nite. or maybe i’ve just dropped it too many times.

will is a super talented composer.

sweet relief he finally gets his paintings, he also lives in bev hills so we haven’t seen him in ten months that’s why they’ve been on our walls all this time. everyone calls him 90210 in his toronto digs. steph and i bemoaned having the alphabet for a zip/postal code.

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