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last batch skeeves

i mean it. i uploaded even more than i did yesterday so if yer a lazy ADD riddled piece of shit you can just look at the set but you will miss my witty captions so it’s up to you. i am officially sick of my orange hat. gill i need to get the hat i left at your place the nite of my art show back soon.

to breakfast, dave “lost” his wallet (to weed) and i took ages applying makeup over my unwashed face, a rustic favourite. fil was all you’re not going to a cotillion, oh shut up, do you want to sit with a crabby skid at breakfast or a crabby beauty queen?

yeah yeah you think you’re sick of these self-timed/taken poses just wait, you’ll WISH that’s all this post was. i’ma completely ruin in no particular order just for you the following: LEAVES, TREES, LAKES, CANOES, SUNLIGHT REFLECTING ON LAKES, DOGS, BEER BOTTLES, COTTAGES, & FALL. no prob!

i’m pretty sure the locals loved us. i told the story about when fil and i went to the catskills and got to wander around opus 40 on our own, leslie called her buds over there to see if we managed to make it, they said to her oh yeah that guy with the silver car and the PARIS HILTON CHICK WITH THE DARK HAIR?

no fucking kidding.

visiting the kid corner, i mused that everyone probably thought sass was our little sister and told dave to take her picture, k i can’t remember how i said it, basically dave looked like a humungo pedophile with his huge camera and sass drawing on the chalkboard hahahaha.

totally feeling the art work.

ohh hmm lets see here let me put my glasses on oh hum, what colour do you want harold? harold, HAROLD!

is that the time out bench?

ahmagad wrap around raised porch no biggie.

oh wiley.

totally dumped a ton of beer on myself for this.


i love this jacket.

fil, doing all the hard work. ps. PADDLING ISN’T HARD WORK.



i must be drunk still cos the word DAZZLING is hilarious to me right now.

i have a big one for this canoe.

OMG LEAVES. whatever, get your fill cos they’ll be gone soon.

stand by me, anybody?


omg a berry in a patch of sunlight, sorry you missed it.

sigh is an understatement. i had a nice little rest while fil and dave wandered around nerding out, then i took an epic minute long piss in the woods, it was great.

i’ve had these legwarmers since i was 18, from black market.

gettin’ a little bored over here guys.

and hungry.

and sober.

home again.

nostalgic cup i would not shut up about, grandma and grandpa’s house had a set of these. i did not steal it.

nostalgic for this moment being over before it ended, like sundays. fuck i hated sundays as a kid and anyway this was saturday.

ok baibai.

oh wait, who wants to see this with me? it played at TIFF and i missed it.

Written and directed by Kevin Smith, it stars mostly Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks, but also Jason Mewes. Craig Robinson, Traci Lords, and Kenny Hotz (i had no idea kenny!)

blah blah bla Zack and Miri are two housemates that are hopelessly in debt. They can’t pay their rent, so they make a porn to sell on the internet but unfortunately they fall in love. this is the unrated trailer for it, meaning swear words (my fave) Zack And Miri Make A Porno. it appeals to me cos i like to think that in times of hardship you can always fall back on the sex industry to eat, even though apparently less people are watching porn these days thanks to blogs. i know!

Girl u really set a trend here in holland!! ;-)



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