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No, nothing, not even this ovation I am imagining, can make me stay.

more cottage to stuff down your throats! added to the flickr set 73 more pictures today, can’t possibly put them all up in this post, oh man don’t know which picture to choose from this angle of a leaf or that one??? people MUST see BOTH!

so we wake up saturday morning to this, gah lovely.

i’m not that hung cos i kind of took’er easy the nite before, maybe on a scale of one to ten for hung i’m about a 6.5 which is pretty good for the cottage. normally i’m like an eleven.

should i ejaculate now or later, now?

dave told us it would be rustic and for some reason based on the picture he sent me which in no way resembles what the place actually looks like and the idea i had built up in my head inspired by the word rustic, i was expecting the house patrick swayze kurt russell and his four sons live in in the movie overboard. this place is not rustic at all, compared to the elitist “cottage” mansions i much prefer the former. i do not enjoy driving for hours to be uptight, clean, on edge about crumbs or feel like we are on a tight schedule.

if you aren’t hung out of your mind you get to reward yourself with whiskey and coffee for breakfast. i guess you can reward yourself with that even if you are hung.

two socks. oh i also sat on some sap and haven’t washed those leggings yet, i guess it has no chance of coming out now?

phallic weather predictors.

wake up princess.

i have a video of this epic dog battle.

greasy morning hello.

i was seriously just stuck choosing which floating leaf to put on my blog.

dangerous self-timed photos on shaky dock.

so pretentious.

bailey’s hot chocolate compliments of sass.

aw i heart you too!

gettin’ pumped for…

canoe ride with dad!

hilarious watching dave struggle to get both dogs in and out of the boat, he’s such a single dad with those two.



then we went to breakfast at a nice little place clearly filled with local regulars and fil was very much taken with the table of old ladies havin’ themselves a right old gas near our table, i encouraged him to join them, he didn’t. when we go up north fil turns into rainman, nothing but tunnel vision and quips about how he likes things, cottage things, yes i know me too fil thanks for the five-thousandth reminder.

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