still wet, and it’s metallic gold so it will remain slick looking but nicer once dry.

it is even more magical in real life! i am a little skeptical of this cherry though, sigh, why do i never follow my gut? only to places like the fridge.

have a great weekend go canada!

and before you peens get all a tizzy, this kid was not tricked into smoking salvia, he did it willingly. i will NEVER try this shit.

Honey honey up in the trees Fields of flowers deep in his dreams Lead them out to sea by the east Honey honey food for the bees

picked up our niece, lil sassquatch, and dropped her off at her nitetime play date for the shedoesthecity booze est-fest i passed on this time around (thanks to last week’s shitshow).

playdoh party chez samerin.

not one clock in this household is anywhere close to right.


ugh guys am i getting old and lame? “yumzies” wtf?

my hot bf. so hot, so nerdy.

do you think it’s possible that someone nicked the faux tooth off this necklace?

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and samir even forgot the garlic, still so delish and hella juicy oh fuck i’ve entered the total loser food porn zone. so starved didn’t even take pics of the final product or salad by sharpie, she added dill to it, good fucking idea, copying that!

well i guess i was a bit buzzed cos i took fifty pictures of my legs, we played gta4 and it was significantly more difficult to figure out than the last time we tried it. strip club vids to come, they will blow you away.

what’s up knees could you look more like potatoes?

hi bizo you little scamp, lookin’ good bro, watchin’ that figure yeah?


oh and OMFGsville sharpie let us borrow her LOTR trivial pursuit game fil is coming home asap to play it with me!

hi i’m a gypsy now

remember those dresses i bought one in black the other antique white, well i cut the black one, i never wear them i figured if i made one into a shirt it would get more use. also it’s a size bigger than the white one and feels way frumpy as a dress.

went to sammy and sharpie’s last nite for the most amazing homemade burgers and fruity rum punch that couldn’t get anyone drunk wtf, we sat on their whimsical roof patio and watched the lightning and grey clouds blow right over us oh and danielle was there too. a good nite. pics to come, time for espresso.

grow up and blow away

cupcake painting

i considered painting it black, figured that would be too in your face hipster ironic ooh a black cupcake so intense!

should have centered it more, howevs, its current placement is growing on me. current ha like it’s going anywhere.

i might throw a cherry on it and will definitely add cupcake lines.

i am happy to report that all of our plants are alive, and this fern is taking up space in an ikea waste bin. i need to get more soil. one of the plants is in a champagne bucket, while the other one is in a corona bucket. this picture just reminded me i have to sweep that soil away, i was hoping one of the ten thousand typhoons we’ve been having would take care of it for me.

ignore the peen, bask in the glory.

i rat tail myself in this amazingly interesting video i call:


sorry it’s so dark and blurry.


who wants a Beeeeeeeeeej?

raymi diet tip: bananas – they make you crap your face off, bananas and tea, that’s all i consumed one summer and was a friggin’ skeleton, i went for a physical and my doctor was alarmed by how high my potassium level was which of course made me paro and thought i was going to explode or something.

nice eve for a game, great seats too.

this totally fat drunk woman sat directly behind me and was scream-talking into her phone about how shitfaced she was and just came from canyon creek and was trying to locate her friend halfway across the dome i have a video of the end of the conversation. every time she got up her stomach bashed the back of my head and she would slam slam slam bam bam bam the empty seat between pitt and i every time the jays did something right.

now for the dramz, first, that chick had her nails did like la-fawnduh and that chick from road trip, the one that gets with that skinny ugly kid when they drop in on that fraternity, she’s like, a beast, anyway this chick kept running (EW) her fingernails (EW) through this dude’s hair and loudly slurp kissing him, she did it exactly like road trip chick and she did it TWO HUNDRED TIMES! i kept trying to get a picture of it. ungh. ok just watch this 200 times, about 30 seconds in she gets really into the fingernails/hair thing:

see the yuppie high-fiving the emo kid, emo kid caught a ball.

okai i said i wouldn’t blog about the dramz buuuuut, well, lets just say this crew in front of us were not feeling pitt’s heckling from all of the heckle juice he was drinking and so, it got a bit heated and i may or may not have called one of those chicks sweetie to purposely get her goat got.

pride colours!

god see how greasy that looks and it’s freshly washed, maybe cos roots are coming in? anyway, thank you for the thousands of suggestions, i will investigate this matter some more and go with either the costliest or cheapest fix.

Oh drink a bit of wine we both might go tomorrow

so my hair dilemma is this, since i dyed over my blond highlights, black, the top of my head has this never-ending built-up residue, as if i didn’t wash out all the conditioner, what the hell? yesterday i tried an experiment of only conditioning the hair from my ears down to the ends, still greasy. what do i do? and i cannot not wash it everyday, it looks so greasy if i don’t wash it and at the same time looks greasy if i do. gill recommended talcum powder. seriously how do i fix this it’s bumming me out.

ps. have you tried this (yogurt+plus) yet? i say that you should, fil and i have gone through a good 4 containers since it ever hit the supermarket, the best one is dark chocolate rapture. i can’t believe it’s yogurt it has the exact same consistency as ice cream.

you’re welcome.

pps. 126lbs baby

So Tell Me Who Are You Dissing Maybe I’m Missing The Reason That You’re Smiling or Wilding

i think i’ve caught fil’s sickness, great. after i finish this post i’ma lie on the balcony and hopefully burn in the sun. here’s the canvas i prepped yesterday afternoon, i like how it turned out:

it’s slightly larger than the one i’m working on for ian right now.

k you get the idea.

dinner, leftover chorizo and spinach with egg whites, minced garlic and rosemary.

tomato on the side and watched that i survived a japanese game show thing as well as wipeout, totally bananas.

on with the nite, sWo and emm were in town for high-falutin’ biz at the king eddy re: the SAC (which we got to sit in on for a wee bit, more on that to come).

first we met up at p.j. o brien‘s.

cute-ass building.

found ourselves a private nook (why are irish pubs so into those? curious thing that.) and this irish bloke wanders in to tell us a coupla irish jokes i have a feeling my outfit inspired him to do so, the black hair too. oh yeah our waitress was not feeling me. or anything really.

very into these tables.

referring to gravy as brown sauce is just, ugh, gross.

guys i’m having hair dilemmas i will complain about later on to you.

the shining much?

so here we are at the song writer’s association of canada gathering, to which i felt way intrusive of crashing in on so fil and i booked it out of there pretty quick, accidentally. fil had a buzz on and was trying to think up song writing stories so i guess it’s a good thing we left, dude who wrote summer of ’69 was there as well as guy who wrote all of bryan adams’ jams and another dude who wrote hit me with your best shot. like what am i going to say, everytime i try to write a song it sounds lord of the ringsesque coupled with rush?

sweet room.

freshly applied lip gloss always looks overtly whorish in pictures.

the cousins.

back at pj’s, kept trying to capture my reflection in the tables w/o looking like a troll, impossible.

curry fries. i found chunks of chicken in the curry sauce too haha, what if i was a veg?

i had two jamesons, one a 12 year, the second the regular shit, and we talked about lord of the rings for an hour straight. i’m probably going as arwen for halloween complete with scratch on cheek from riding with frodo from the black riders. though i always say that and it never happens.

then we played our spies game on the subway back, don’t ask.

seriously, you sleep around that.