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four day weekend

i took those faux potted flowers, and a little porcupine guy.

teeniest hopscotch game ever.

pointing my foot in this shot was accidental i swear.

teeniest bench ever omgs!

lets see what can i tell you, we watched lotr last nite, oh got in a spat in the car when i saw a dude carrying a carton of milk on his shoulder in THE ANNEX and i said he looked smug (like i am saving the planet and showing off)(no plastic bag, right see?) and fil says i disagree, then i called him smug too, then the spat. ungh. i was being JOOOKEY jeez. went to noah’s to get some lesbian house cleaner earlier today and fil his lesbian deodorant (SMUG SMUG! SMUG!!) then for a walkies, hit the lcbo (closed tomorrow guys, be prepared) made a nice salad, read in the bath and here i am now.


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