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engineer hobbit ungh i know. ps. that’s NOT my hand, both are fil’s, he’s being gangster here.

was way more fun for fil than it was me, i underestimated his knowledge and memory. halfway through he got a fat lip, we were fighting over who got to wear the ring and he dropped it, bent over a few times to try and scoop it from beneath the couch and put his lip into my knee, then ruined every video i made being a suck about it and deleted all the ones where he gets a question wrong apparently someone has massive pride when it comes to trivia. me i don’t care i sound like a complete idiot in the one i’m uploading right now. at one point i screamed at him to GET A FUCKING LIFE after answering the millionth question in a row correctly. then we watched the rest of the first movie and started on the second one yes we are cool that’s how we party on a friday nite.

oh and we only listened to zeppelin, i suggested rush, but we don’t have rush. thankfully.

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