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i just made a dancing video and cid attacked me in it and it is processing for you right now.

i dont have a life and im bored i am sitting here letting my wispy hair air dry in this hot hot heat watching cid twitch and dream on the ottoman by the open screen door and i am running out of websites to stalk. i am trying to come up with a retarded outfit to wear to the supermarket and liquor store and what should we make for supper? we are going to have a lotr trivial pursuit balcony party in our underwear i know i already talked about that sort of already but i’m pumped ok! maybe we’ll make mexican fajita fixins and wrap it in romaine and make tequila blended drinks.

if one more of you wise guys asks me again if i am going away this weekend i am going to cry ok.


maybe the only trip i take this weekend will be ON ACID. kidding. do you know how muchos cuckoo bananas acid would make me like more than i have ever been? (trust me i have gone bonkers before)(one day i will tell you ALL about it and then cringe in a corner for a year afterward). like i may as well smoke a J and then talk about the pentagon while i’m at it heheh.

if it doesn’t rain we will go to the island at some point and maybe weasel ourselves an invite to fil’s sister’s coffin pool.

ok i tried a new hair thing, after washing it i didn’t slap a towel all over the top of my head like i usually do and i didn’t brush it up there and i gave it a hair washing break yesterday. i think we’re good. fil says he has to monitor me the next time i wash my hair cos he is a bossy ass and thinks the fil way is the only way, i was like ok i have to get baby powder, guess how much i shouldn’t discuss hair with fil? or like anything that involves facts and theories and riddles or words or ANYTHING ugh, fil!

i could be like hey fil apples grow on trees and he will spend ten minutes telling me how i am wrong and sum it up with yes apples grow on trees.

l:h QE98[frge9fp;gobqelk:hp iusx|OUfo7d C7Of ;Y900y09yt G;g .kjkv~~~~!!!

maybe i will live blog our lotr game tonite and keep you up to speed with how many times we scream at each other over semantics and how we end up in a full on scissor legs fight pile on top of each other tussle.

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