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chatting up a genius

slobkong*: minxx where is chicksss??

me: um

slobkong: B-)
sexy girls, hot chicks, where can I find se?

me: oh you could just like go to google and type in: sexy girls, hot chicks,

slobkong: minxxx
i really need manaa use your contact

me: i dont understand

slobkong: MAN hot chicks, take me with you

me: are you fucking with me
like, for one thing you are TALKING TO A HOT CHICK RIGHT NOW

slobkong: I am not fucking with U …
but I w2ant to FUCK A HOT CHICK

me: how old are you

slobkong: :(

me: ok that emoticon doesnt really answer my question
you want me to get you laid but you give me nothing to work with
on top of that you make me think you have a learning disability

slobkong: old means???? you want to take my
huge cock

me: bingo!

slobkong: learning disability… yes i realy want to learn dirty game
do u teach me

me: ok you are so fucking with me now
who are you

slobkong: am not fucking with U …
but I w2ant to FUCK A HOT CHICK

me: how are you on my chat system

slobkong: MINX who call you for HOT CHICK contact #???

me: how do you know i have minx in my name

slobkong: All the buddy call you MINX

me: why are you swearing at me
and what buddy?

then i blocked him cos it started getting scary and i looked up his name and turns out he’s all over extremist messageboards yikes where’s the ativan.

*name changed

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