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welcome to my fatness

actually, miraculously, i LOST weight this weekend wtf.


huge typo there raja i can’t talk right now though guys cos i’m DINNING.

gluten free urrea.

saturday nite we went to last temptation to eat, stupidly, the meal way bummed me out, we walked all over the market and passed up everything else and by the time we got to last temptation we (i) (fil too i guess) were crabby as hell. we got a spot near the open window looking over the patio and all the gross people smoking, totally disgusting, i have a full on hate for patio eater smokers now if you want to fight about it with me lets fucking go!

desperation saturday morning (well 3pm) meal, stir crazy and fil’s sickness metroid playing meant lauren has to make the decisions.

i’ll spare your eyes a picture of the egg whites addition, just picture barf and you’re gold.

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