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blogging out my demons

had a loverly weekend in st. mary’s and now we’re back and it’s 2.47am and i want to spew. i took two pepto bismols when i got home cos i felt it coming on, eating a thousand au gratin old dutch chips, green tea gingerale and some pepperettes is a bad scene for a 2 hour late nite car ride home. fil accidentally woke me up and i flew out of bed going oh man great now i have to ride this bullshit out awake on the couch i have the stomach of a grandmother i need to mainline some club soda and alka seltzers or eano whatever that annoying commercial was about what a party. here’s some of the fun in no particular order…

i spelled existential wrong, ya, you try asking a 2 year old how to spell that when they have a bunch of uncapped markers in their hand and you are taking up valuable real estate at the kiddie table you weren’t invited to. yeah just google it for me will ya, thanks.

more deets later. cid is being a totally selfish dick right now cos the window is open and i’m up and he’s elated to have his peeps here seriously cat now is NOT the time to go through fil’s bottle cap collection holy fuck! speaking of fil, check out his swank new siteroo!

oh yeah i had two well three zits happening this weekend too and i thought about them 50 hundred times way to ruin my game. i also invented the term tyra BANK IT! from playing pass the pigs, i’m awesome. no i’m not pregnant thanks for asking me in the future when i eventually get to bed and wake up and check my comments you stupid sow.

too many carbs this weekend.

sheena made a blog devoted to her saddam painting check it here.


emm and i had a girl day while fil and sean worked on the netz, i got two new pairs of shades, two things from salvation army where i saw FOUR mennonites (they had a yahtzee board game in their cart) and then we played the slots, i won 25 bones, emm won 125! everyone in town had a case of the muuuuundays and was cunty to us i swear it man.

oh yeah we had absinthe last nite, like, a lot, and we mixed it with green tea gingerale (have you tried that stuff yet?) after like a jillion drinks. i also won ten bucks at pass the pigs i LOVE that game.

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