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gill’s bday chez wrong bar

just a sprinkling for now

sometimes i bat a thousand you guys.

lucas and i made gogo dancing history together back in the day, upon speaking about it we pulled out a selection of moves that may or may not have been phenom. retardo looking.

i told him i wanted to dance challenge pink hat guy, he said no he’s filipino, you will lose. i was half-cut anyway and the disco ball rotation was making the room feel diagonally slanted so i packed it in. i got your number pink hat, look out next time. lucas is part filipino so i told him to dance off that guy, he would not.

gill and her pa.

oh yeah i poured half a bottle of champagne all over the floor and a table (thought it was empty) in front of allison then introduced myself and she goes yeah we’ve met i’m like well maybe if you weren’t so selfish and got a new hairstyle i would have recognized you and way to be in the darkest part of the room too. she had her hair up in the babest bun ever, see:

k bye i’m starving it’s balls hot out, there’s nothing to eat here and fil has been playing metroid all day long THANKS AGAIN RENE!

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