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my fondness for this little monkey, even i know how bananas it is (not that bananas ‘cos as we all know i’ve dressed like a complete slob my entire life then thankfully someone famous brought boho chic into the limelight for me), haha, monkey, bananas, anyway.

i know it looks like bai ling, but it isn’t, it’s mkate. bonus below is her sister’s vogue shot:

also somewhat bai lingisgh. oh well.

oh i really feel like wearing my gaudy jewellery today and maybe that dude i saw panhandling in greenwich village yesterday will sell me his shirt?

growing out bangs as we speak.

she could totally be wearing more bracelets i don’t care.

babe. yes i feel wicked creepy right now, i feel like you.

acid yoko ono look.

when i go out to get milk or something banal like that and i don’t feel like showering, i look at this picture and say yep you’re totally good to go.

i love this guy because she looks like the midget in total recall, just the way her legs are like 4 miles apart when she stands like that.

couldn’t find an apt enough comparison still, oh well.

those are her sister’s shoes, i read it in the nylon article jeesh shut up!

her arches must be SO busticated at the end of every day, i bet when she gets inside one of her bodygurads carries her around on a big satin hippy’d out pillow, i know i would.


slip me a low five mkate, i can hang!

not feelin’ the 3-d specs and on anyone else those potato sack pants would be lethal, like lethal inject me lethal cos you look like a cow and i don’t know where you end you just keep going.

i think the one on the left she’s amidst the wee hours walk of shame, i think i read that on gofugyourself. anyway no, in answer to your question, i definitely do not have a “life”. oh ok here‘s the post about it, she’s not actually walk of shaming, they’re just suggesting that’s how she looks. and whatever, the chicks who pen GFY are old plain cunts who play it safe.

that quote is hilarious.

i learned this just yesterday so don’t go all restraining order on me ok, that chick behind her is her 18 year old sister lizzie who is 5’7 omfg this is almost over i swear BUT most importantly, mkate is wearing a fucking horseback riding stop for the nite and rest western blanket and unforgiven boots!

sigh. i told riza yesterday that if there were two of me i would have a better chance too.

the money oh the money, if i had the money can you imagine how much more wonderful my wardrobe could be. i’m this close to a depression spiral right now, easy.

k bye!!!

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