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And in the faces you meet, you’ll see the place where you’ll die And on the day that you die, you’ll see the people you’d met And in the faces you see

you’ll see just who you’ve been

my blog is getting mad traffic today over that natalie portman post i did you see, take a little time out of your day for something stupid and it will pay off, well, most of the time. who should i do next?

had a late dinner after ANTM (stacy ann is finally gone, every time she opens her mouth my skin crawls) at the victory last nite, sat at the bar, they were playing nice sitar indian tunes it was nice, i had the soup (fresh that day, carrot ginger) and caesar salad, fil had a burger, and whatever was on the cask, you could tell him it was rain water soaked through garbage from the back parking lot and as long as it was on the cask, he’d drink it. what’s with geezers and their gross beers? blech.

i always feel just a little bit weepy when i see pictures of churchill, reminds me of my grandpa.

we’re going to the el mo (cringe) tonite for brad’s band the evelyn room, you should come with, they go on around 10.30

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