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here is a story about friday nite’s impromptu dance party that was cut short because a girl got kicked in the face, and it was the funniest thing i ever saw, even her friend was like are you ok i’m sorry but THAT WAS SOOO AWESOME!

the guy in the pants match the shirt outfit is the one who said that.

this is the hero (previously had a sweater tied around his waist, awesome) that felt it necessary to one-up my faulty breakdance moves by double-cartwheeling into two girls walking by with drinks in their hand, kicks one in the face launching her into her friend and both of them fly 6 feet toward our table and their drinks slosh all over the floor and our stuff piled up beneath the table. hilarious. dude is immediately ejected from the steamwhistle.

BEFORE all this though he was partying down with this cute little chick and one point picked her up like a baby and ran around in a circle with her in his arms which inspired me to approach her and say that you guys are my most favourite dancers ever! and she goes oh oh oh COME DANCE WITH MEEEEEEE in this breathless pipsqueak manic voice that melted my heart. i said i would after my drink.

then i instigated a dance-off as usual and then i didn’t have anyone else to dance with except for the guy who had the pants that matched his shirt and upon closer inspection, a really bad dancer , he had a flock of euro chicks egging and cheering him on SERIOUSLY and i had to bounce around him he kept dance-chasing me.

i danced some more until lindy came out to bring me back to the green room where we stayed til 4 in the morning somehow.

oh and cartwheel guy’s brother had blogspotted both fil and i prior to this so it made it even funnier. i have a video of some of these gnarly moves i’ll youtube later.

last nite we had sashimi for dinner and then rented mr. woodcock and drank wine, we thought mr. woodcock would be more slapstick, but it isn’t. just letting you know.

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