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rob zombie at the ACC video.

i just cam back from seeing the U2 3D movie concert at the scotiabank theatre, it started at 9.30am, i know, imagine waking up to watch an almost 2 hour concert in an imax theatre. anyway it was worth it, totally amazing, and you get to wear 3D glasses that look exactly like bono’s regular shades hehehheh you feel a kinship with him. there is a four minute laser show before the movie and you’re not supposed to wear the glasses during it, it was pretty funny, unintentionally so. the concert was kind of a religious experience, well it looks like it is for the fans, and then of course bono does his whole coexist humanitarian rights blah bla spiel and you are like ENOUGH JUST SING MYSTERIOUS WAYS ALREADY! (doesn’t). all in all it is a good time even when the dude behind me was kicking the back of my chair to the beat of the last five songs (for me i felt it was five songs too long but i have wicked ADD so what can you do?) i let it go. looking at the drum kit was mesmerizing and the crowd and the lights and oh swoon. i bet my dad would really like it, i mean, i know he would. i only spent 3/4 of the time fantasizing about being bono and i know fil was pretending he was the edge (or just edge?). i think it just premiered and i have no idea how long it runs for, i would see it if you have the chance, i predict 3d concerts to be the new thing, i could be wrong, you dudes coulda been on this already and i am a johnny-come-lately but, i think it’s a really clever idea, cost-efficient and if you’re claustrophobic or hate crowds, experiencing the show vicariously is ideal. i was thinking man i should see more 3D movies then eventually and specifically only 3D and then weed out any and everything else life has to offer until i am 300lbs because 3D is that good. also imax was invented in canada.

here is some video footage from my girl date with seska, i am really bad on the spot.

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