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ok so there’s a garbage chute on our side of the floor, beside our neighbour’s (whom we despise ask me why later) yet kitty-corner to our door and the rule is that at 10pm no garbage-chuting, fine. however. duder at the other end of the floor likes to walk his ass over to the garbage chute well after 10pm SEVERAL TIMES and it’s super loud, the metal door slams and you can hear all these hollow metal (chute/duct) echo creaky loud clangy noises when you’re watching seinfeld on the couch or king of queens etc. and you’re like haha to your boyfriend but THEN 365 days later, this dingus is still partying his garbage down the chute after 10pm.

also, i have been conducting little garbage chute experiments to test this guy (WHO ALSO WHISTLES HIS FACE OFF ALL AFTERNOON WHILE I AM WORKING (yes i actually do work on the internet outside of this blog during the day you pieces of shit) HE WALKS UP AND DOWN THE FLOOR FROM HIS UNIT TO THE CHUTE WHISTLING WITH HIS LITTLE BAGS OF GARBAGE HE SPECIFICALLY SEPARATES SO HE HAS AN ACTIVITY TO STRETCH OUT ALL DAY LONG) my experiment basically is throwing out a bag of garbage ten minutes to ten and then 95% of the time dude pops out of his door to throw out garbage.

some nites he’ll do it at 1 or 2 in the morning even HOW MUCH GARBAGE DO YOU HAVE AND WHY CAN’T YOU WAIT UNTIL THE FUCKING MORNING TO THROW IT OUT!?

anyway, i wrote a letter finally, and not on hello kitty stationary (way too obvious) i wrote it on standard lined paper 10pm is garbage chute cut-off time and an arrow pointing to the sign THAT ALREADY STATES THIS. i haven’t put it up yet because i’m a coward, also, i’m also banking on getting some surge of bravery to just pop out the door the next time he slams the chute door and saying DUDE THAT IS SO LOUD IT’S AFTER TEN STOP IT NOW! PS. STOP WHISTLING!

i bet he’s a widower or something.


i do feel bad about being grumpy over this cos i get that the guy is clearly lonely as hell and he is always nice to me unlike every other mutant who lives here and loneliness is something i totally understand and making up little activities for yourself throughout the day to make time pass but still, still! it is wicked annoying and i guess i’m getting older cos i feel all excuse me there is a RULE about this!

i’m so not going to hang that sign.

maybe i should invite myself over and get him to put me in his will as well as every other fossil who lives in our building, i could be a billionaire by 2009.

i also suspect he has a little crush on me to which makes it even worse.

noel gave me a button he pressed of some of his hair from a haircut he gave himself once, yeah, that’s noel, totally normal.

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