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2005 year in review.

i turned 22 fil turned 31.

i went to the dentist for the first time since i was 18.

we moved to toronto.

we saw a lot of concerts.

i gained some weight.

we went to the cottage a alot.

we made fast friends with mg and slept on his couch in vancouver for a week.

i published two books and had a table at canzine.

drank a lot.

i met fil’s dad.

i dyed my hair blond and dark brown and cut it myself and made it black again.

jamie came to visit and we went to the ROM.

i rented my cousin’s room in lil italy and stayed there maybe 3 nites a month for three months and it wasn’t at all worth it.

fil and i joined my dad’s band that we still dont have a name for.

fil and i watched lord of the rings 8 times.

met lots of other nice people.

went to the science center.

crapped my pants twice, fil once.

bought a new shower curtain.

met k-os.

watched lots of VOD.

got paid a hundred bucks to dress like slutty ms. claus.

saw a bear in the woods.

made fun of a lot of people.

wrote on my blog.


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