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mshyatt: hey can i be a leech and ask for a mention on your blog?

me: how/why would i mention you

mshyatt: i am trying to make a travel dvd on how poor people like me can make a holiday in Amsterdam. I have been social phobic and havent left my house in 4 years so this is my big, non gay, coming out thingy and if i make millions i will share

me: you seriously have not left yer house in 4 years?

mshyatt: only to go down the street sometimes for smokes…but thats it

me: ok well you have left yer house then

mshyatt: but i do it late at night when no one is around

me: why are you afraid of people

mshyatt: heres my youtube that explains everything i had a big crash with meth addiction and messed up my brain..thats why i have been antisocial

me: are your teeth fucked

mshyatt: actually gone…but i have some spiffy falsies…thats another touchy subject for me..why i dont like people..I worry they will notice

me: how long did you do meth for

mshyatt: about 5 years..never spiked it but started smoking it from a homemade bong…meth bong hits…ouch clean almost 10 years now…I will be in Amsterdam for the 10th anaversery

me: wow good for you
how did you kick yer habit

mshyatt: had a very bad crash after 12 days with no sleep and fucked over every friend i had with my rantings and visions of mice running a speakeasy in the cubboards…i was truly out of my mind …so i just stopped…detoxed and moved home

me: woah
well good for you for stopping, i see shows about meth addiction, sketchy to say the least
good luck with everything else

mshyatt: only 6% of people kick it so thanks

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