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these cramps just won’t go away.

we met up with samir at the beac last nite for chipotle macaroni and radmad showed up too and we met joe, samir’s mechanic friend. the guy who was in the major maker video with me works at the beac. he was not wearing glasses.

can you tell i haven’t had an espresso yet?

fil and i had a lunchdate at st. lawrence market today i only ate half of my peameal bacon sandwich it wasn’t all that good, more like a fat tasteless sandwich with condiments on it. st. lawrence market is just a cafeteria for yuppies. when we got up from our table these four suits come over and all take turns thanking us for leaving the table after we were done eating like what yes we are done eating but NO you can’t sit there until you thank me some more first!?

i said the only reason they thanked us was cos i was there fil disagreed and said it was cos he was there in his work/prison clothes, cos he’s a fellow suit to them so like if i had been alone there would have been zero thanks. what do you think? i know this is VERY important i might even make a poll for it.

i think they thanked us cos they wanted to show how polite they could be to me cos they all wanted to fuck me. anyway. i get what fil is saying but still i was dressed pretty cute and casual compared to everyone else and by taking turns thanking me they are hoping that i will understand that they have lives outside of work or that i could be their girlfriend instead of fil’s? i dunno all baystreeters are pretty much scum and would fuck around on their wives in a heartbeat so whatever.

who is right?
the suits thanked us cos of ME
the suits thanked us cos of FIL
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