i think we witnessed a drug deal in the park beside our building last nite, we watched for awhile then decided to give those sketchbags some privacy, what with them knowing where we live ET AL. my cooking was a success! then we went to paramount to see Narnia and yes a family sitting behind us each took turns kicking the back of my chair and eating loudly and coughing and talking and i waited ’til about 3/4 through the film before i turned around and asked them to stop kicking the back of my chair and they all pretended they didn’t hear me and kept looking at the screen so when i turned back around they kicked my chair all over again. luckily the movie ended shortly after and they all skidaddled the f out of there.

raymi: i almost destroyed an entire family just then.

fil: mm hmm.

raymi: < long tirade about every single annoying thing the family did >

fil: < pity laugh >

i’m cooknig dinner tonite. it is going to be garlic butter shrimp with glass noodles and other stuff and fish and tomatoes and cheese on crackers for an apertif and lots of red wine and fil doesn’t know this yet but i’m getting him a SWIFFER for a belated xmas gift!

everytime i get up out of my seat, cid thinks i am going to feed him and i am like ha ha loser i’m getting a glass of water. and then he’s all yeah well i’m gonna open this closet door by sticking my paw under it and pulling TAKE THAT! and i’m all pffffft and walk to the kitchen and cid follows me and i turn around then point in his face and yell SUCKER, NOW I’M MAKING ESPRESSO!

i think he knows i’m writing about him right now cos he just made a bunch of destroying the earth noises behind me.

like fuck cat i am not here to tend to your every whim. it may not look it but i have a life and you can scream-meow at me all you want it will not make me feed you any faster and you can sit as far away as you like and then every 30 seconds move a foot closer like you are stalking me or a derranged lunatic in a psycho thriller I AM BLOGGING RIGHT NOW YOU ARE SO FUCKING SELFISH!

our neighbour to the right decided to learn how to play the acoustic guitar at two in the morning. i punched the wall a few times and nothing. so i thought maybe someone passed out to a DVD menu cos the same shitty music kept playing over and over again then i got really really pissed off thinking how fucking inconsiderate so i got some toilet paper, scrunched it up and shoved it in my ears and slammed a pillow over my head and turned the tv on and eventually passed out and woke up with all these tiny bits of toilet paper all over me.

the point of this is, i have extremely sensitive ears. i have to watch tv with the volume way up however, when it’s silent all around me i can hear someone’s watch ticking or an old lady threading her needle or someone’s nose whistling and to be frank IT MAKES MY HAIR IGNITE AND THE TOP MY HEAD BURST INTO FLAMES WHEN I HEAR LITTLE SOUNDS while a jet engine or pots and pans falling down the stairs i can tune out no problem.


samir came over all depressed and mopey and cid cuddled with him for awhile then samir blew in his face and cid pulled his head back from samir’s super fast and fucking hit him in the face with his left paw! it was hilarious. samir’s all HE FUCKIN’ SLAPPED ME!!!

2005 year in review.

i turned 22 fil turned 31.

i went to the dentist for the first time since i was 18.

we moved to toronto.

we saw a lot of concerts.

i gained some weight.

we went to the cottage a alot.

we made fast friends with the goods and slept on their couch in vancouver for a week.

i published two books and had a table at canzine.

drank a lot.

i met fil’s dad.

i dyed my hair blond and dark brown and cut it myself and made it black again.

jamie came to visit and we went to the ROM.

i rented my cousin’s room in lil italy and stayed there maybe 3 nites a month for three months and it wasn’t at all worth it.

fil and i joined my dad’s band that we still dont have a name for.

fil and i watched lord of the rings 8 times.

met lots of other nice people.

went to the science center.

crapped my pants twice, fil once.

bought a new shower curtain.

met k-os.

watched lots of VOD.

got paid a hundred bucks to dress like slutty ms. claus.

saw a bear in the woods.

made fun of a lot of people.

wrote on my blog.


i love midi. she just got her period. for real. her head is smaller than a tennis ball and her legs can fit in a sock. we have never met but i know when we do we will be best friends.