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i’m gonna see how many times i can post before we leave. last nite i had an 8.50 eggnogtini. it tasted like rum with a dash of bland egg juice and a sprinkle of whatever the hell that stuff is nutmeg yeah. it wasn’t worth it and fil said we had to walk home cos of it which turned into a yelling match from the market all the way to college and spadina, he wanted to walk and i was lazy and cold and not feeling it, i think lots of people saw us too but it wasn’t malicious yelling it was drunken slurry smiling yelling where you are unable to manipulate the situation to your favor so i walked to spadina with him and the first cab that came by i jumped in it, well it was going to bank a right and i started flicking the handle repetitively until the dude unlocked the door and i saw a toonie on the ground, pocketed it, turned to fil and said GET IN and he did but he still wanted a walkies once we got back so i went up and made mackerel unngh that word is hard, fish and blue cheese crackers and he called my cel and was trying to be all sly and asked what i was doing and i knew he would be standing in the park spying on me but i played along and was all WHY PHIL!? and he was leaning on a tree like a perv.

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