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i am bored. we are not going out until the hockey game is over. more like the BORING game. fil and i are snapping at each other because we have been in the same room together for too many hours in a row and then we have snap attacks over who was actually snapping at whom and trying to justify the attitude in our voices. i am also pre-menses and fil ate half a thing of ice cream so maybe he is pregnant i think.

i like/hate when people are all SEE YOU NEXT YEAR cos i think WHY DO YOU HATE ME THAT’S A LONG TIME FROM NOW and they’re like DON’T YOU GET IT SILLY!? and i am like oh yeah i get it DIE ASSHOLE!

we went grocery shopping after the liquor store and i went up to use the bathrooms and some little blond pixie girl was standing on the stairs whistling down at some employees and going BEEP BEEP beep BEEp BEEP bEEP. i wish she was my friend.

one time i was waiting for the streetcar and a bunch of kindergardners and their teacher came by holding hands and they were all going meow meow meow meow meow meow so i started meowing along with them.

this little girl told me once that the sun follows her because she is special and i said ME TOO!

i am partially brain-damaged.

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