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holy failed lesbo!

anyway, we were playing megatouch (duh) sometime or other a couple nites back and these shitbag white boy suburban toolbags with sideways baseball hats and upturned collar golf shirts are standing behind us for awhile going oh THAT GAME IS THE SIIICKEST! YO THAT GAME GETS HARD YO THAT GAME IS RIDUNKULOUS!! and they asked how long we would be playing and i turned and said we would be playing all nite long and then some of them went away because my cold hearted bitchitude froze their eyelids shut and then i began to shitbag them all not knowing one was right behind my head still and fil and steve are all uh one of those kids was right behind you when you talked all that smack then i suggested i go over to them and say i heard they wanted to fight me. but i didn’t. then we had tequila and i felt like vomitting out of my nose. but i didn’t.

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