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last nite i dreamed that there was all this looting going on and half-blown up people running around with blood and they were destroying this mcdonald’s and we got our food and then went to this house next door and walked through the backyard over dead rotting cows and went inside and fil offered the owners of the house two bananas so we could chill there and eat our mcdonald’s and then we were driving up a big bridge that was higher than the CN tower and there were tiny apartments as the base of the bridge all brick wall and i asked if they were low-income housing and then we were in a some hasidic jewish neighbourhood and a bunch of fat women were laughing and falling down this snowbank and then we came to a tiny ciniplex theatre and we went inside and fil went to the bathroom and i started fixing my hair in the mirror and this black chick starts screaming at me for using her mirror and i copped a major attitude and was all fuck you i can use any mirror i want you don’t own this mirror and she said why don’t you get another beyonce book (of destiny’s child) and then she said my dad was a bitch and his name was steve and i wanted to scrap her but fil dragged me out of there before i could.

i dreamed of this it’s true.

and there were mental patients that escaped from this house beside the mcdonald’s and they were rioting and celebrating all their mcdonald’s food and for some reason the mcdonald’s employees kept on working and making hamburgers.

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