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Hello, i have alterior motives. i want a free pair of campers because i live in this snooty moneytown after living in Brooklyn, Toronto, the UK, Maine…anyway, this is the town of disposable income and i am the coolest person in town because i stick out, i am marketable and i am rude and i am broke but you wouldn’t know it. some other shoe company gave my friend tim a free pair of shoes ‘cos his look fit their demographic, whatever. anyway, i have been obsessed with campers for three years now and i have owned other rip-off brands because i cannot afford your shoes…

i have a website and a global cult following, it’s like a reality me journal with photos and tons of content and i’ve been doing it since 1999, it is now 2004 and i am 21 years old, still bitter..tra la. so if you sent me a pair of shoes they’s be on the site because i would wear them religiously and i would not tell people i got them for free. is the sitething. thank you for your time and i do not apologize for the hasty way it was typed. oh yes, all of the right people read me, yes, even famous people. xo raymi/lauren

Dear Lauren

Thank you for contacting with

In response to your mail, we are sorry that we are unable to assist as requested in your message. We wish you all the best in your endeavours.

Best regards,

Camper Web Team

Ironic how i get this repsonse after my whole whiny tirade about the rich staying richer and all that shit.


should i write back to them or give up?

you write them for me and be all, STUPID IDIOTS! she is going to eternally lose her crap now.

i’m resigned to rejection by now, now i just find it amusing how not one person gets it, i am pitching a new-wave marketing thing-a-ling and everyone is just, guh?

steal my ideas, i dare you, good luck, my suggestion is to not have a blog with swearing in it, drug-talk, booze-talk, depression-talk, nudity, vulgar anger rants about nothing other than how much you are annoyed by society and then you do absolutely nothing to change it other than complain more and more and get everyone else all huffy and then there are a bunch of angry useless people just all angry and shit

and then you are like please advertise on this blog because everyone loves it

and campers is all, no way jose you have herpes!

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