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that is me looking friggin’ evil before i dragged ward to the tits and vagina club with aimee and the quad of manfriends waiting there and the first thing i said was that i had to take a crap and i left the smoking area to do just that and i was waiting in the bathroom that is all skiddish because establishments have zero respect for the women getting ‘em all this business and the men’s room has a fuckin’ bouncer that sucks your dick for you when you wash your stupid fucking manhands while i am waiting in the stripper lavatory behind butts and hair looking at themselves in the mirror putting on all the make-up in the entire universe and ignoring the crap out of me and then i get up on stage and give strippergirl some money for your male beneficial-entertainment but mostly for that of my friend’s but still, i am a paying customer just like you are so the question is, where in the shit is MY bouncer to be sucking MY dick at?

oh that’s right, your mama’s!


oh and ps, people who are afraid to be emailing gmail accounts because they now realise that everything stays on the server even when it is deleted so these tardbags are the same ones who have something to hide and think that if they email hotmail or yahoo they are undetectable, pfft.

pps you can still email me though because i would never do anything to make you look bad, ever. people email me all the time and say why was i so afraid to email you so intimidated tra la la and i am like i dunno i am kind of mean and bitchy sounding and if i am irritated at the time of email communicae i might say something hotheaded but that doesn’t mean anything, really, it just means i am a prick and you should not get all huffy about it, you should say something back to me because i am bored and pathetic and an opinionated no-talent ass-clown and you should try and shoot me down however, if you are all anonymous over it, this ruins everything, kuz then all i am making fun of is some dinky email address that you spent a whole hour thinking up a name for.


and yeh i remember i talked all this shit about gmail doing the thinking for me before but now i am at a point where, dude, i don’t WANT to think anymore, screw, that.

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