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Dear Lauren,

Glad the drawing on the banner at the top is back, who did it?

Otherwise, what up? The rest is gone. Well I’ll miss your bloggin’ but

I know it is a pain in the ace for you a lot of the time. Hope all is

well, and good luck with whatever you’re up to. Stop by mine some

time. I think you were a big influence in getting me into it.

If you look at my archives you can see when I discovered your blog.

Even though you shouldn’t look at my archives because they be sucking

so much. I still don’t know what I think of it, or blogging in

general, but it’s a nice outlet sometimes. I think there’s too much

thinking going on about it anyway.

So it was nice to have met… if you’re over it. If

you’re not and you come back sometime then I’ll be there. Either way

I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of Lauren.

All the best.


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