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tuesday may 30/00 9am

it’s been done. gone backwards in time and accomplished something beautiful but “wrong”. it had to be done. sweetness. it had been awhile – but still in sync, which is not always the case. “compliment psychos and they will be your friend.” he laughed and told me i was very witty + perceptive. i told him i was serious. “the problem with trying to forget about shit is, you can’t. time does not heal all wounds. i don’t know who was the first guy to say it was, but it couldn’t have been confucius. he would’ve never said something so stupid.” this is what i said out loud as i got out of the car and walked across the parking lot to the mall and i told him i was going to get away for awhile and learn to write like an adult, like a smart person would and he said where are you going and i said france no not really, im going to england. and he was sad.

“she radiated contentment, a sleepy lying-in-the-sun kind of mental bliss i had never known.”

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