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i’m too fat to make this picture smaller.

survivor was awesome last nite. what a fuckin diss when the host guy was all yah if you don’t hear from us at all that means you came in last place. hah!

i hope everyone has a good valentine’s day. or a shitty one. whatever.

i’ll probably be laying in a gutter somewhere, making it with a bottle of stoli.

i have a cyst-thing on my left kidney that i have to get checked out again. maybe my kidney is mutating into another kidney so then i’ll have like three kidneys. or maybe it’s cancer. i dunno.

so i think i’m going to try out for canadian idol. everyone i’ve told this to is like, are u serious? you sing so flat. don’t do it. don’t even bother. you’re going to look so stupid.

thanks guys. your positive support is just lovely.

i have a four-hundred and eleven dollar and ninety-five cent cell fone bill. this makes me so happy.

i want to nuzzle your muzzle.

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