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Dear Douglas Coupland

Hey, i was kind of excited that we decided to not do coke ’til 5 in the morning but you know, it’s now a quarter to howling hour and here i am. up. but not doing coke. only did a tiny tiny bit. i am very annoyed at the hospital for fucking up my drug screening and telling me to come back and pee in a cup again but you know, i think the drug is out of my system for good now so there is no point. i will have to take the law into my own hands. the hospital woman was a cunty whore and in fact, they were all very unhelpful to my cause seeing as i was not bleeding from my ears. i could hear people crying and crapping their guts out and all of them were vomitting hysterically. i was passing notes under the door to my friends in the waiting area and i felt like i was going to be arrested or sent to detention by the mean hospital woman. she kept blowing up and saying, “now LISTEN TO ME CAN I TALK CAN I TALK!??!” and i was not even saying more than three words and then i said, “Yah well i think i’m being pretty calm about this whole thing despite circumstances” and she just looked at me and then this other nurse was all nice and helpful and tended to me immediately and i felt like biting my fucking thumb to that hospital woman but i didn’t because i am a mature young lady. i am.

wow i am listening to NIRVANA’sTourette’s and it makes me want to take a big wicker chair that you find in community centres and smash it into a window.


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