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i am so impulsive. i just dropped 287 bucks on a new bike. the chain on my old one was all fucked up and jammed and crooked and bent and arrrrg i am so mad. i hate spending money. i go to this dinky little place and ask the asian dude to fix my chain and he goes, “no no no not on saturday. saturday busiest day for me.” i look around and there’s no one in the store other than me. “uhh, ummm, sure..well can you do it?” “Yes i can fix it.” “Today, yes or no?” “No.” “FINE!”

at the second place the dude tried to un-jam the chain but said that he’d have to take apart the whole mechanism and get me a new something-or-other but it couldn’t be done til thursday. so i walk it to this other place but the guy is in belleville and his assistant in a wheelchair asks me if i wanna smoke a j and wait ’til the dude comes back. no thanks i need a fucking bike today, dammit. so i go back to the place where the guy tried to fix it and say, i wanna trade in my bike for a new one. and so he shows me some and i buy one as well as a fancy U-Lock and then i ride away tra la la. and you know what, i’ve a perfectly good bike at home but do i bother to wait a few days before i can get my hands on it? ‘course not. that’s not the way it works when yer hypo-manic.

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