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Crappy Taiwanese Stories

i never leave the house. it’s not that i’m not physically capable of doing so, i’m just having one of those can’t be bothered to type moods. It’s lasted two months so far. It could be this town’s not really meant for me – don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad place, it’s just, not my cup of tea. I’m use to more people and public transportation (no bus or subway here) and more than three bars to choose from. But that’s just me. I’m developing this bizarre case of paranoia that really makes no sense. I just feel like everyone’s eyes are on me and i can’t take it anymore so I never go out. Another reason why getting packages in the mail is the best thing since sliced bread because now i don’t have to leave the house to buy things – they get sent to me. Brilliant. It’s beyond being a hermit I think now too. I’m way past that stage. Ten whole hours can go by and i wouldn’t really notice nor care. I only know the days of the week by what’s on the TV. It’s true. Like, yesterday was Thursday because Survivor was on or right now it’s eleven o’clock because Price is Right is on. you get my point. I’m flying back to Toronto tomorrow nite. It’s time to go back to the motherland. I have this three-month disease where every three months I’m like, OK, that’s enough of that. Then I go home. I’ll probably stick around Toronto for awhile. We’ll see what happens. that is of course until I turn into a mega-star and go on tour.

Right? Right.

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