i fell up the stairs this morning. well, more like a stumble. but still enough to make an ass of myself.

i think i feel like bowling tonite. bowling and 3 pitchers of bud.

it’s funny walking around this town, everyone stares at me. my hair, my clothes, my stupid hat. we go to the supermarket everyday instead of doing one big groceryShop one day a week. everynite we turn up about 8 o’clock or so and the checkout dorks just gawk. this one kid has a really big head that’s always turning red. he is too shy to look us in the face. the cashier is a fag who hasn’t realised it yet. the most expensive bottle of wine is 8.99. i learned that if i seperate a 6 pack of bud it is more expensive, they charge you individually.

lately i just haven’t been able to sleep at nite. well, moreso, i haven’t been able to fall asleep at regular sleeptime hours like 11 or 12 or 1. i usually go to bed anytime between 3 – 5 in the morning. fuck. i’ve never been able to not sleep before. ever. and i am slowly going out of my mind. maybe i need drugs. do you think i need drugs? yes. i need drugs.



so today is a big day for me. i’ve decided i’m going to hand out a few fake resumes in town and maybe get one of those job-type things just to have something to do. there’s only so much VH1 and fishing shows i can take and beers i can drink before i take action. all i have to do is shower and i’m out on the scene.

i’m watching that movie on VH1 with vanilla ice in it. Cool as ice. it is certainly not cool as ice in any manner. i can’t believe it was once thought of being cool in the early 90’s when it came out. it’s horribly cheesy but i am enjoying every minute of it. damn.

i went to the library last nite before it closed and took out a bunch of children’s picture books for myself. i was victim to many odd and curious stares. i felt like a pervert crouching down in front of the shelves. anyhow. yah. i love kiddie books. so what.

i said it before and i’ll say it again – i should definitely not be allowed to paint my nails. i’m just horrible at it. i spilled cherry red polish all over the table, floor, my pants and hands. it was a disaster. i completely forgot i hadn’t tightened the lid on the bottle, so i picked it up and the shit flew everyfuckingwhere. i am so traumatized by this experience i have yet to paint the other hand. however, i have come to conclude that once one has applied nail polish to their nails it gives them the authority to do a hell of unecessary pointing. it’s ridiculous. i point to my head, my watch, the phone. it’s all very amusing and cute.

i need a life.

i apologize for being fat and lazy and ignorant and making you all think i was dead. last week i was tying up loose ends in preparation of leaving the country. now i am in buttfuck nowhere New England. hell yah. we drove about 25 miles/h the whole way thru a bullshit snowstorm. i am trying to figure out this webcam so i can show you how messy my hair is right now. gimme a sec.

i am iron B deficient. this means when i get sick, i get sick. Mo’fo. i turn into this brittle old lady type person who walks around all hunched over and puts a blanket over their legs when they sit down on the couch. fuckin’ hell. if i were to drink a beer right ’bout now it’d be like taking acid – hallucination city. my head weighs fifty pounds, i have the hugest, darkest circles under my eyes like that of a crackwhore and my hair has gone to shit. it hurts to think, to eat, to lie down….i can’t even get my shit together enough to make soup.