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falling down the stairs sucks. falling down the stairs in front of ten people sucks more. though, when it hurts real bad it’s ok kuz then you are in too much pain to be embarassed. that’s what it’s like with/for me. my blunders are major catastrophies so i black-out and then bystanders feel embarassed for me.

i’d say my worst fuck-up was when i was like 8 and practising my dance routine in this pub with my friend sarah, i swung my arm around and it connected with this waitress’ overstacked tray and WHAMMO

shit flew everywhere, glass smashing against walls, ketchup, beer, meat, plates EVERYWHERE. my arms were frozen mid-air, i was in utter shock and my mum ran over screaming if i was ok, had i been cut, am i retarded…..the waitress kept walking back to the kitchen, cursing and hollering the whole way. i wanted to die.

the end

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