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i recommended to this dude last nite he buy this push-fertilizer spreader rather than the hand-held spreader cuz he could drink a beer whilst pushing at the same time, whereas with the handheld, you must solely spread the fertilizer and u can’t hold a beer.

i am master of the art of customer service

little did the guy know, i assembled that push spreader the previous day, and i accidentally put the wheels on backwards, so johnny and i wedged the axle between two skids and took the better part of an hour running at it and trying to kick off this stupid wingNut. it was ridikulous. if he ever looks at the underside of the damn contraption, he’ll notice many a scratch and scrape a la Raymi. at first, the instructions i was using blew away when i left to go help a customer. so then i used the french set of instructions but then THEY blew away when i was trying to kick off the wheel i put on backwards. then i was doomed to put it together with no guide but johnny, the king of lazy stoners, standing there laughing at me.

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