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Today wuz horrible. Raymi lost her hat AND wuz set up wif a creep frum the net. Never Agen. i knew straight away, even while i wuz walking towards him that he wuz mister SO WRONG for me. He’s not a smoker so i made a point to ChaiNsmoke even tho’ i had aN empty stumak and felt dizzy doing so. I ordered a French Onion Soup wif extra Garlik cuz i knew he wanted to waggle his tongue ’round in my mouth. eww. He kept trying to puT his arm around me and went, ‘Ahem’ then moved in a lil bit kloser to me. He’s probably reading this rite now and is planning a way to track me down so i think i’m gunna go back and edit out sum of the extreme personal info ie, the town, city and CuntRee that i live in. My apologies for any discrepEncies.

I tried to hook up wif a sumwun to have sex with to get my mind off the netFreeK but he wuz bizzy so then i went to the mall to look for a new teddybear to try and make me feeL better but kood find Nada. I tramped around the throngs of xMas shoppers feeling sorry for myself and krying when i bumped into this family i use to babysit for and always thought me to be ‘perfect’ with no ‘emotionally eFFed-up glitches’ so i sed that the bitter wind made my eyes tear-over and theN i knew i wuz gunna lose it wunce this lady knocked into me wif her bags so i took off.

I’ve finally given in to tacO HeLL.

I’ve reached that ultimate Low. alrite alrite, i’ve always been here, but i’ve finally Admitted to it.

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