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This wuz taken in Oxford. If you can see thru the swarms of the faggy tourists there’s a cluster of squatting girls. why they’re there is kuz we had thrown this raggeddy wallet full of receipts and 1 pence coins on the grownd and sat ‘cross the street to take pictures of all the scavengers. this one girl was so annoyed that there wasn’t any money in the wallet she got up and slammed it into that nearby garbage can. I fished it out, crowched down to make as if i were tying my velcro shoes and left the wallet there. the fifth time ’round, a man and woman ran to the wallet, the man yanked it up and shoved it in his pocket and they ran like fukk. we followed them down all these back streets and markets until they were just gone. the fucked thing was, these two arab guys were following us kuz they must’ve thought we were stupid tourists who kept on dropping their wallets. By this time we had gotten bored with the game so we hopped a doubledecker back to SummerTown leaving the Arabs safely behind.

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